A New Garden

A publicly accessible new garden

Enhancing the setting of the building has been a major goal in the Trust's plans, not just for the sake of Hamilton's architecture, but also to add a new level to the experience of visitors to the site.

A key strategy is the replacement of the existing car park on the former western playground with a flexible and contemporary garden.  During school terms it will be used as a teaching resource, but in the holidays it is envisaged that it will be opened to the public for cultural / heritage related events.

A "green" environment

The new school buildings' design is low lying, designed to utilise roofs as an extension of the garden.  These spaces provide a seamless extension of the garden and will provide a uniquely "green" environment for pupils.

Southern terrace gardens

The Trust wishes to ensure that the Southern terraces of the main building becomes an exciting part of any visitor's experience of the site.  Carefully considered new hard and soft landscaping will invite concert goers to linger and admire the spectacular views over Arthur's Seat.